hi there!

Gwen and Jessica of It's Friday DesignsWe're Jess and Gwen, and the two of us make up It's Friday Designs. 

We'd been talking about doing something creative together for a long time, and there was always some reason not to... too busy at work, personal issues, planning a wedding, having a kid, feeling insecure about [insert anything here]. It never seemed to be the perfect time to dive into something new.

We've let that be a non-starter for long enough, so we're just going to go for it. We're going to write and make and share and see what sticks.

We hope you'll join us on our journey!

—Jess & Gwen


We believe life is the ultimate creative journey, and we each get one shot at designing the life we want. To us, that means growing without apologies, chasing meaning, and pursuing our passions. It also means that we’re simultaneously a masterpiece and a work of art. We all need a bit of reminding that it’s normal to be imperfect.

We believe women are changing the trajectory of our culture, and we love watching empowered women escape traditional female roles and expectations. We're grateful to live in a time where women can—all at once—be brave and tough and soft and lovely and fierce and passionate and powerful.

We support and celebrate vulnerability. We are passionate about giving a voice to the things we all feel that highlight our shared humanity. We want to be honest that none of us know what we’re doing, but we’re all in the not-knowing-what-we’re doing together, so let's support each other. Compassion, grace and kindness are principles we stand behind wholeheartedly.

We love finding beauty and humor in everyday life, and enjoy taking a lighthearted approach to appreciating both the simple joys and honest hardships that so many of us experience and can relate to.

All of this is why we create.